Descending to end


Descending to End was Briggan's third recording for Knitting Factory Records and was released in 2000.  

Pursuing his interest in electronic music and sound art this recording is a solo studio project completed over several months at Jamie Saft's Frank Booth Studio in Brooklyn, NY.   

Briggan Krauss - all instruments, sounds and compositions. 


Press quotes about "Descending To End":

"...and it's that unclassifiable, almost impossibly weird quality that makes this disc one of the most compelling releases of the year. A thoroughly unique artistic vision is on display here, and it's one to which listeners, not to mention fellow musicians with any aspirations toward continued artistic validity in the twenty-first century, should pay close attention to."

-Phil Freeman, AP (Alternative Press), April 2000. 


"Young heavyweight modern jazz saxophonist/improviser/free-thinker Briggan Krauss offers the willing listener a maniacal digital scan or electronic portrait of a creative mind on the loose with this new release. For the uninitiated, Krauss possesses one of the astute intellects modern music as he often propels his technical and artistic abilities to the limits of perception. Descending To End transcends even the most outlandishly surreal electronic outings this writer has heard in recent years." 

-Glenn Astarita, All About Jazz, April 2000. 


"I'm not normally one to rave, but this Briggan Krauss thing is something special. In fact, it's gigantic. Powerful. Uncompromising. An apocalyptic document for the end of an era and the birth of a new one. Krauss likes to use visual metaphors to describe his music. Listening to his new disc, that's not hard to understand. Little balls of fire pass through a distorted lunar landscape skirting howling animals and swirling windstorms. It's not easy listening, and not for the weak of heart. Is it jazz as we know it? Hard to tell, though that's clearly where Krauss's origins are. Could it be a link to the jazz of the future? Most definitely YES."

-Nils Jacobson, All About Jazz, April 2000.